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What is DiSC Assessment – A Short Guide

Humans are like snowflakes, each one is unique. Each one of us thinks differently and prioritizes different aspects of the same situation. In the workplace, this difference can lead to more conflicts and can hamper productivity. Companies that invest in facilitating individual growth and self awareness, avoid these challenges by enabling collaboration.

DiSC assessment is a tool that enables self awareness and creates a high performance culture. But what is a DiSC assessment, and how does it work?

Want to know more about this unique tool? You have come to the right place. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about the concept

What is a DiSC Assessment?

DiSC assessment is a tool made to assist individuals in deepening their understanding of themselves and others. Over one million people use it yearly to enhance teamwork, communication, and productivity.

The Everything DiSC model creates a uniform language for communication among the team members. It enables them to understand themselves better, understand others’ that they interact with and use this understanding to mitigate conflicts and improve overall working relationships.

What Does DiSC Stand for?

If you are entirely new to DiSC, let's take a step back to understand DiSC as an acronym. DiSC includes the four broad personalities that we see in the workplace.

  • D – Dominance: These individuals are direct and focus on results.

  • i – Influence: Those with i style are enthusiastic and thrive on social interactions.

  • S – Steadiness: Dependable individuals who prioritize collaboration

  • C – Conscientiousness: People who emphasize accuracy, expertise, and competency.

While each person has a predominant style, they do exhibit traits of other styles in certain limited situations and interactions. No style is better than the other. Each style has certain limitations as well.

Why Should You Use DiSC Assessment?

Thousands of organizations globally are using DiSC assessment to improve their workplace today. The extensive portfolio includes government agencies, Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, and nonprofits. But why? Well, it does what it says: helping companies create stronger and more effective workplace relationships.

Enhance Collaboration

When all members of a team take DiSC assessment, the members can learn about their own and their teammate’s behavior style. They can use this understanding to improve communication and teamwork. Instead of judging team mates, they learn to be curious to understand how every single one of them is a contributor to the team in their own unique way.

Productive Conflicts

Conflicts in teams can be both productive and destructive. Deploy DiSC assessment and facilitation to make workplace conflicts more positive and constructive, propelling the organization to new heights.


Understanding oneself is essential to constructive change. With DiSC assessment, individuals learn about their strengths, weaknesses, blind spots, reaction to conflict and much more. This self-awareness allows them to learn about their motivators and stresses and teaches the learner how to enhance teamwork and productivity.

Effective Management

Management can utilize the insights from the DiSC assessment to understand their employees' dispositions and working styles. This knowledge empowers them to become more effective leaders and they learn to coach and mentor team members effectively . It also allows leaders to leverage each person’s strengths while minimizing the negative impact of their limitations.

Improving Sales Skills

This tool helps with the team's emotional intelligence growth. The team members can leverage the knowledge to understand and then adapt to customers' styles assisting them in connecting with prospects at a human level, allowing for better sales.

DiSC Assessment – The Journey

Your DiSC Journey will start with a short personality assessment . It will help determine your inclination towards specific personality traits under the four personality categories.

The assessment provides results in a detailed 20+ page profile report as well as access to a Catalyst platform that provides a wealth of resources accessible for a lifetime.

Final Thoughts: DiSC Assessment is a Journey, not a Destination

Individuals change over time. Teams change due to some people leaving and new members joining and organization changes due to larger restructuring. This is why Self Awareness is a lifelong journey and DiSC assessment enables and accelerates your progress on this journey.

Register for a free webinar on DiSC assessment, by sending us an email at and include your name, company name, email and phone number.

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