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Self-Awareness Training

What is Self-Awareness Training?

Self-Awareness is being aware of one's own feelings, strengths, weaknesses and behavioral traits. Self awareness also means being aware of how your behavior impacts others, how others perceive you as well as what behaviors they exhibit. Achieving self awareness is extremely challenging, much more than most people realize. DiSC behavioral assessment and self awareness training from SN Group can enable the start of this journey towards self-awareness.

Self-Awareness training can help one understand his or her own weaknesses and strengths, as well as how to interact with others to create meaningful connections. This awareness allows better communication with others leading to better interpersonal relations, career success and financial prosperity.

DiSC assessment is an objective tool that provides an in-depth analysis of 4 predominant behavioral styles - D, i, S and C. This assessment provides a detailed report about one's behavioral style based on their answers to a series of questions. The report lists one's stressors, motivators, tips for improving in certain areas and provides insights about how best to interact with others who may have a different behavioral style than you.

DiSC training has been used successfully by hundreds of thousands of people for several decades with great success in their personal and professional lives. Proper training ensures that the insights from the assessment report as well as various aspects of self awareness are explained and understood properly to ensure best results. Join us at SN Group for these training programs that can guide you to greater success.

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